How do children and adults get to cook together?

The group is divided into teams. Each team cooks one dish. The atults cook something savory, meanwhile the kids can creat the dessert with the help of a children's animator.

What is the minimum age? And what is the maximum at the parent and children party?

Children's from 6 are welcome, and no maximum age. You can bring granny too!

On what days is it possible to organize the parent-children party?

The event can take place, on saturday and sundays ( In lunchtime 10:00-13:00 or dinnertime 16:00-19:00).

Can we choose among the locations?

The choice of places depends on the number of people. In case of a small party, at the Bécsi út, the main cooking studio and the Páva and Sas street are the most perfect places. A large party can only be held at the ground floor cooking studio of the Bécsi út.

What kind of dishes can we make at the adult and children party?

You can choose different, easy, national dishes from our proposal.

How many dishes can we make at the parent and children party?

It depends on the number of attendees. Up to18 adults: 3 dishes, up to 24 adults: 4 dishes, up to 35 adults: 5 dishes. Plus there is always a desert that the kids can make, and you can choose from our special "Deserts for the kids" menu.

Can we combine a menu?

Of course you can combine the menu according to your wishes.

Everyone can taste everything?

Yes of course. Each dish is so large that everyone can cuddle it, so the 3-4-5 or even more-course dinner is combined at the end of the cooking.

Can we bring decoration, own music? is there any projector?

Decoration and music can be solved, and projector is also available on all venues.

How long is the program?

Total approx. 3 hours: cooking 1.5-2 hours, meals 1-1.5 hours. Upon request, you can stay longer.