Is the cooking hands-on? Do we really cook ourselves?

Yes, do the cooking is your task. Our chef-animators and food champs are there all the time to help, give hints, show tricks. Each team (of group) is working on their disk on their own station.

Can we bring decoration, own music? is there any projector?

Decoration and music can be solved, and projector is also available on all venues.

How does it last?

The experience lasts 3 hours, but you can continue to stay for a time-extension fee.

How many dish can we cook?

This depends on the number of participants. Up to 18 persons: 3 dishes, up to 24: 4 dishes, up to 35: 5 dishes, over 35 pax you can cook 6 dishes.

Can we come on weekdays?

I am afraid the private party programs are available only on weekends.

Is it possible to play music or movie?

Yes. We have a laptop and projector on every place, so you can play music and use the projector.

Can we choose among the locations?

The choice of places depends on the number of people. In case of a small party, at the Bécsi út, the main cooking studio and the Páva and Sas street are the most perfect places. A large party can only be held at the ground floor cooking studio of the Bécsi út.

Can we combine a menu?

Of course you can combine the menu according to your wishes.

Can we bring alcohol?

Bringing alcohol is not allowed. We have a wide range of drinks at all of our venues, which you can buy as a drink package or based on individual consumption. We are also trying to satisfy special needs if agreed in advance.

Everyone can taste everything?

Yes of course. Each dish is so large that everyone can cuddle it, so the 3-4-5 or even more-course dinner is combined at the end of the cooking.