How long is the program?

Total approx. 3 hours: cooking 1.5-2 hours, meals 1-1.5 hours. Upon request, you can stay longer.

When can we have a cooking party?

At the planniing, it's good to know, that you can keep your party only on Fridays or on weekends. On these days you could come to cook for a pre-arranged time.

Can we bring decoration, own music? is there any projector?

Decoration and music can be solved, and projector is also available on all venues.

Is it possible to play music or movie?

Yes. We have a laptop and projector on every place, so you can play music and use the projector.

Can we bring alcohol?

Bringing alcohol is not allowed. We have a wide range of drinks at all of our venues, which you can buy as a drink package or based on individual consumption. We are also trying to satisfy special needs if agreed in advance.